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What’s NEW for booj for 2021?

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What’s NEW for booj for 2021?

We had a great interview with RE/MAX, LLC + booj Team Member Karina Lopez to get the scoop for booj for 2021! Here is the latest scoop!

Tracking Success

First on the list is Facebook Pixel! YES!! Something we have all been waiting for for a long time! If you aren’t sure what Facebook Pixel is, just think of how you go to amazon to look at an item then go onto facebook, you will start to see this item over and over again! If you use facebook Ads, you will want to add in the Facebook Pixel! Look for this announcement and training videos Q1! Right behind this is Google Analytics! They have recently made changes in Google Analytics so they have to work closely with the Google Team to make sure they are up to date with recent changes but this is also scheduled for release for Q1! – Can we get a hell yeah on these two items for our websites?

Working Together

Lots of changes are coming to Teams and Co-Listing agents with new permissions, etc to make your websites and CRM work the way you need them them to for your Team! – All scheduled for Q1!


Probably the most anticipated of all items is the ability to add drip campaigns for several situations! Right now the booj team is working hard by adding a TON of content to our campaigns section. Not only will they have drip templates, you will be able to add your own custom drip campaigns. We have heard from the beta team that is testing these features out that the platform to do these is super simple and clean which is exactly what we need! Also scheduled for Q1!

We believe the RE/MAX, LLC + booj team is working hard to release the above items all prior to R4 2021 which is late March so stay tuned for announcements!

Watch the full interview here:

Live in the RE/MAX Creative Group & RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group

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