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What Website should you be using?

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What Website should you be using?

So often I am asked “Which website is the best to use”, unfortunately there is not one answer that is best since all Brokerages, Teams and Agents run their business in their own unique way. Here are some questions that I would ask someone when it comes to narrowing down a website option that may work best for their business.

  • Does your current website give you a positive return on your investment?
  • How often are you updating content?
  • Do you have your own domain that you list on all of your marketing material?
  • Why do you want a website and what do you plan on doing with it?Are you looking to generate leads? Need FB Pixels, Analtics?
  • Do you plan on blogging / Vlogging?
  • Do you need to add custom searches (cities, neighborhoods, etc)

Once you know the answers on why you need a website and what your intentions are with the website, this will help narrow down which type of site will work best for you!

Looking for a Lead Gen website? The sites below are perfect for Brokerage or larger teams so that you can run ad campaigns, agents can get their own sites and the CRM system and tools available are insane. They may cost more than a traditional website but if you have a team that knows how to convert, these sites may be a perfect match for you!

Do you want a nice website that doesn’t break the bank but will allow a ton of customization, agent landing pages & a full CRM along with the ability for analytics, pixels & more for running ads? The Organize SEO on these sites have impressed us as well!

RE/MAX booj – Agents now have the new customizeable booj platform with website & full CRM, mobile app and more! Will this site work for you?

The booj website is perfect for the average agent who wants a nice website that they can customize, set & go! For 80% of Agents, this is the perfect solution because they do not want to add blogs, are not running ads for lead generation and just need a nice site for consumers to find them and have the capability of running & saving searches, see their reviews, buyer – seller guides, home valuation and other goodies you can provide on the website. You can even create pages to feature areas, cities, neighborhoods and more. A perfect solution and best of all, it comes with your membership to RE/MAX.

Bottom line – you need a website that will work with what your needs are for a website and you want to ensure the return on investment of a website is positive! By answering the questions above and having a clear purpose of what your website needs to be able to do for you, you will be able to find the perfect match to help you with your business!

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