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Our main office website is on the Real Geeks platform.  There are a ton of tools within this platform for our agents to utilize!

Section 1Real Geeks Website Platform
Lecture 1Real Geeks Website Platform BasicsFree Preview
Lecture 2Real Geeks DashboardFree Preview
Lecture 3Complete the Set Up Checklist!Free Preview

When you are in your dashboard, make sure to complete all 7 steps of your CRM set up!  Click on the Settings Tab, then Set Up Checklist!

Lecture 4Customizing URL in Real GeeksFree Preview
Lecture 5Notification SettingsFree Preview

You have full control on your Notification Settings and how you want to be contacted based on leads behavior, lead assignment, etc.


Notifications for Users

Here are the notifications available to users. These are all notifications as they pertain to leads that are assigned to the specific user.

  • New leads* – Notification sent when a new lead is assigned to the user.
  • Seller Leads valuation inquiry – Notification sent when an assigned lead completes the property valuation form.
  • Incoming emails from leads – Notification sent when an assigned lead writes an email and the Lead Manager receives it.
  • Incoming text messages from leads – Notification sent when an assigned lead sends a text message to the system text messaging number.
  • Leads become active – Notification sent when an assigned lead becomes active on the website. A lead is considered active after a 24 hour gap since their previous visit.
  • Leads favorite a property – Notification sent when an assigned lead adds a property to their list of favorites.
  • Leads share a property via email – Notification sent when an assigned lead shares a property using the share via email function on a property details page.
  • Follow-up reminders – Notification sent when the user has scheduled a follow-up.
  • Daily follow-up reminders – Notification sent on a daily basis, summarizing all scheduled follow-ups.
  • Lead reassigned – Notification sent when leads are reassigned.
  • Lender Assignments – Notification sent when lenders are assigned leads
  • Potential Seller Leads – Notification sent when a potential seller lead enters that specific database.

*Leads reassigned in bulk do not trigger New Lead notifications.


Why am I not receiving text notifications?

The most common answers to this are that either there is no SMS email address in the Text Email Field (figure 1), or there are no notifications checked under the “Text” column (figure 2). Please ensure both are completed correctly for each User that wishes to be notified by text. Note: You do not need to purchase the text messaging feature in order to receive text notifications.

Lecture 6Automated Texting TemplatesFree Preview

Scroll Down to Step # 6 and set up your text templates and so much more!!


Lecture 7Set Up Email TemplatesFree Preview

Email Templates

Email templates can be found by navigating to Settings > Templates > Template Emails


Lecture 8Drip & Workflow SystemFree Preview

By default, any office leads will be assigned a drip “workflow” depending on if they are a Buyer or Seller.  Once you have made a connection with the lead, you should turn this drip off.  If you would like to create your own, or to learn more, CLICK HERE!

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