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booj – Get MAXimum Leads with these 3 steps!

Stop missing out on leads with these three steps!

  • Make sure your listings are attached to you! Go to remax.net. Click on your profile at the top and click update profile then click on MLS Affiliation. Make sure your MLS status is LIVE with a green button and it shows your # of listings!
  • Since your here, go back to the Apps (Tiles) and click on Megaphone to make sure your listings are here as well to ensure you are getting your FREE social ads!
  • Go back to your Apps (Tiles), and click on the booj tile, then click on your profile on the top right, click on settings. Then click on Contacts & Leads, now click on offered leads. Here you will enter 10 different zip codes as well as the property types you want leads for (this was just updated) and if you have a minimum price point, enter this here as well!

Here is a quick video for booj CRM and setting yourself up for MAX Leads (note they just updated the zipcode and criteria block)

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Promote Listings with Megaphone!

Creating Content For Listings

Go to Megaphone, click Content Templates

Use the designs that are trending OR click browse options.

For Print Materials, choose that option! Scroll through the designs and click order!

Fill out the information on page one. Click Next, on photo uploader, upload your own or use dropdown to chose listing. Click photo 1 and then choose photo from album. Do this for all photo options. Click Continue.

Preview & Download your hi resolution proof!

Digital Options!

These are perfect for social graphics with plenty of options to choose from! Whether you are promoting a listing or sale or looking for great promotional material, make sure to check out the digital materials inside your Megaphone account!

Megaphone Prompt Program

From home page, click on Listings, then click Market. Here are designs which will be pre-filed with your listing information, get huge discounts on printed postcards and so much more!

Promote a Listing

From the Megaphone Home Page, click Promote a Listing. Chose the listing you would like to promote, edit ad and add budget!

Read More about Megaphone!

Agent FAQ’s & More

Automate your Social with Megaphone!

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Megaphone has been UPGRADED!

Automated Social Posts for your listings!

Design Center Integration! (Design Center will decommissioned on 3/31/2021)

Print & Mail directly from your Megaphone account, including mail campaigns!

We love the addition to the mail campaigns!

Log into Megaphone via your MAXcntr!

Read Blog on Setting up your Auto Social Media!

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All NEW RE/MAX Hustle Videos

Customize the NEW 2021 RE/MAX Commercials

The Brand NEW 2021 RE/MAX Commercials are available to customize and download on remaxhustle.com!

The Hustle Video Editor

They also have a BRAND NEW Advanced Editor so you can create your OWN videos! Including housing market templates

Go ahead and reach for the sky with your new video tools!! We can’t wait to see what you do!

Stay tuned for more tips & tricks with the new hustle video tools! We can’t wait to play ourselves!

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NEW Media Automation by Megaphone!

Looking for an easier way to get your listings out to your social? No time to design a graphic, then schedule a post? No worries, Megaphone by RE/MAX has you covered!

Check out the NEW feature which allows you to automatically publish your Just Listed, Open Houses and Price Reduction Listings to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts!!

Here is the easy steps to get you started!

  1. Login to remax.net, click on Megaphone Tile in your MAX/Cntr
  2. On the upper right, use the dropdown and go to settings.

3. The first tab is your social settings, click “Connect” for the social accounts you would like Megaphone to connect to!

4. Click on Listing Automation Tab – Let’s set up the website & social Posts!

Website – Edit to Custom and add YOUR domain!!

5. Go through your social automation! You can add the first X characters of your description OR create custom posts for New Listings, Open Houses & Price Reduced Properties!

Once you have gone through the types and social platforms, your done!!!

You also have the option to set up an additional ad budget for your listings!!

Watch the RE/MAX Tech Team’s Webinar walking you through this!

Learn MORE about the Design Center Integration with Megaphone!

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November LIVE Classes

Join Us LIVE in the RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group!


Click here for more details & registration links

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Your RE/MAX Mobile App

Did you know you have your own Mobile App? Have you downloaded it to see what the consumers see? Are you promoting your branded app?

Check out our class all about your RE/MAX Branded Mobile App – From the consumers side to promoting your app!

Join Tavia Ritter, RE/MAX of Reading, PA and Heather Holliday, Social Marketing Nut @ RE/MAX Elite, FL as they review your RE/MAX Mobile App! From what the consumer sees to marketing your app!!

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Sending your booj Monthly Newsletter

Let’s send your Sept booj Newsletter! Join Tavia Ritter & Rebecca Steinhouse for booj CRM & email review and watch us send the September Newsletter!

From creating a single email, choosing one of the templates and clicking send or customize your email! They will also go into organizing their database, recipients and so much more! If you haven’t been into the email templates, watch this video to see the hundreds of premade emails you can start sending out today!

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Photofy now has GIFS!

How exciting to see that the RE/MAX Home Stickers have now been added as GIFS which mean you can bring your artwork to life!! Check it out!

To learn more about photofy, check out all the video tutorials for your RE/MAX + Photofy subscription!

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