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Create Your Vision Board!

Every year during our Annual Business Planning we start off with our Vision Board exercise… yes, at first it seemed a little juvenile with our scissors, magazines & paste but I can say that it truly made a HUGE difference when it came down to achieving our goals! Something about knowing what our “Why” was and having that visual board in our home or office to see daily truly made the difference which is why it is one of my favorite parts about our Business Planning Events! Of course you don’t have to collect a ton of magazines to search for photos & key words, you can easily create these masterpieces online then print to display (or even save as a photo for your desktop background)!

Here are a few online sources & apps to use while doing your Vision Boards!

Canva! My favorite and my #1 go to for all my creations! They have a free version to use and you can do a search for Mood board photo collage and viola, you will see a ton of templates to use! Since this is something personal to you, go ahead and search google for photos to upload and add to your vision board! Canva itself has a TON of free photos to use as well as inspirational words to keep you motivated all year long! (Use photos or Elements for these). Canva has a mobile app as well!

Of course if you have Microsoft or Google Docs, Word, Powerpoint or Google Docs or Slides will give you a blank canvas to make your own creation as well!

Vision Board Ideas:

There is NO right or wrong way to create your vision board! This is for you, to inspire you daily throughout the year! Here are some examples to see what others have done in our past Business Planning Sessions to get your started!

Looking to join in the fun? Join our Elevate 2022 Business Planning Event! Learn More Here!

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March 2021 LIVE classes

Join Us LIVE in the RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group & RE/MAX Creative Group!

Going to R4? Join me in the Marketplace – RU Booth Thursday Mar 25th at 10am!

Using the NEW Hustle Video Editor? Share in the groups for a chance to be on our March 18th show!

Visit RE/MAX University to register for these classes!

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February 2021 LIVE classes

Join Us LIVE in the RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group & RE/MAX Creative Group!

Visit RE/MAX University to register for these classes!

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January 2021 LIVE Classes

Join Us LIVE in the RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group & RE/MAX Creative Group!

Visit RE/MAX University to register for these classes!

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November LIVE Classes

Join Us LIVE in the RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group!


Click here for more details & registration links

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RECHARGE 2021 – Business Planning Event is going LIVE! All are welcome to join in the fun!

2020 was a unique year for sure! For this reason we have decided to take our Annual Business Planning that typically was a full day and break it up into 4 shorter segments during our Monday Morning Wake – Up Call LIVE show!

Register today to join out Private FB Group, get video replays and announcements during our class!

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September LIVE Classes

Join us for these LIVE classes in the RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group!

These classes are available in RU! Click here for more details & registration links

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