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Free Stock Graphics

Looking for fun graphics for your social or website? Whatever you do, do NOT go to Google and grab any photo from your search. Copyright infringement is a BIG deal – Don’t do it!

Here is a list of several websites that offer royalty free images for you to use. Make sure to read the fine print and follow those guidelines. Alsmost all of the sites would not allow you to use these graphics for selling products but they are perfect for fun marketing projects!

  1. pixabay.com
  2. freeimages.com
  3. picography.co
  4. Pexels
  5. Reshot
  6. Picjumbo
  7. Kaboom Pics
  8. seekpng.com
  9. pngtree.com
  10. pngmart.com
  11. freepik.com
  12. visualhunt.com
  13. snappygoat.com
  14. designerspics.com
  15. Icograms.com
  16. jeshoots.com
  17. splitshire.com
  18. picjumbo.com
  19. goodfreephotos.com
  20. lifeofpix.com
  21. gratisography.com
  22. imcreator.com/free
  23. stokpic.com
  24. kaboompics.com
  25. nos.twnsnd.co
  26. sitebuilderreport.com/stock-up
  27. raumrot.com
  28. scatterjar.com
  29. moveast.me
  30. pikwizard.com

If you are doing larger projects, I purchase images, my favorite is shutterstock. They have several plans you can choose from!

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Heather’s Top 10 RE/MAX Underused Tools

Join me as I go over my Heather’s Top 10 RE/MAX Underused Tools!

These are tools we have but most have forgotten about!

RE/MAX Design Center

Power of the Network

RE/MAX University

RE/MAX HQ & Websites

Adwerx and so much more!

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RE/MAX Brokers – Take photofy to the next level!

The new relationship with RE/MAX + Photofy has been amazing! If you have NOT checked this out yet, you need to! They are adding fresh content, templates, social posts and so much more daily!!

The latest add on is the Social Items of Value (Broker account – Recruiting section, then click on repost, then Social Items of value). In this section you will find all sorts of pre-written material that is quick and easy to post to your social channels with a couple clicks… of course in true Heather style.. I like to take this up a notch with these following steps…

From Photofy – I find and article and click on graphic, save to my device. Then proceed to post to instagram getting as far as the content copying to my clipboard… it will open my instagram but I don’t actually post I back out.

I then open my email, and paste the content into my email and attach the graphic and email the content to myself (you’ll see why in the next couple of steps, I promise).

With the content… I create small instagram size square graphics with the tips provided… these will be perfect for posting for instagram album (swiping for more content). I also create an Instagram / Facebook Story using the content as well as a Blog Cover Graphic, all graphics match to stay consistent. (I typically use a background from the blank recruiting slides from in MaxCntr) this way all graphics are consistent with the brand.


I enhance the message with some fun emojo’s versus just text (I use emojicopy.com from if I am on my desktop).

Customize the remax url shortner to your blog article!

Example Post Text:

Here is an example of the graphics:

These are generic but of course you will want to add your company logo and contact info on yours 😉

Instagram Sliders:

Bonus Tip: You can also create a fun video slideshow using Ripl, Quik or other apps with these graphics!

Blog Graphic… Add a Blog to your recruiting website with the FULL article, Pin to Pinterest, you can also post this to your social at a later time. Having this on your recruiting site will give value to anyone landing there. View example here.

Instagram & Facebook Story… Post and highlight!

Feel free to use these graphics and try these techniques out for yourself!

Of course we are already doing this for our RE/MAX Broker Elite+ accounts. If this sounds like a service you would be interested in, check out our Broker services here!

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