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Choosing which leads you want to receive in booj

You most likely receive leads from remax.com, your office or team website (if they use booj) and lead rotation will depend on the rules they each set as well as what you have in your settings! You get to choose which zip codes, property types and price ranges you would like to be on rotation for!

Step 1 – Log into remax.net and click on the booj tile

Step 2 – Go to your Settings, then Contacts & Leads, then Offered Leads, this is where you have full ability to update zipcodes, property types & price range of the leads you will receive!

Follow these screenshots below!

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Send a Holiday email in your booj CRM in under 2 minutes!

From creating a single email, choosing one of the templates and clicking send or customize your email! They will also go into organizing their database, recipients and so much more! If you haven’t been into the email templates, watch this video to see the hundreds of premade emails you can start sending out today!

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You have a website… now what?

So many agents have a website and then tell me they don’t ever get any leads from it so they don’t feel it is worth having let alone updating or marketing it. But the truth is, as will all marketing, you will get out of your website what you put into it. If you think that just because you have a website you will pop up on that first page on a search, think again! You are competing against every top real estate search sites (Zillow, realtor.com, etc) so you need to provide content that they don’t have! I like to think of my website as a HUB for my business and as an agent, it should also contain information for your local area! You aren’t just selling a home, you are selling a way of life!

You live, work & play in your area – show it off!

Here are 5 tips to help drive traffic to your website!

  • Marketing your website – Make sure your website is displayed on every marketing item you have (real estate sign, business cards, flyers, etc). ALWAYS use your own domain that goes with your branding as well as your marketing.
  • Run a simple PPC campaign – This always helps with a newer website.  (Make sure to add Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels code on your website)
  • Driving traffic via Social – Every listing or sale you have, do a social post! Make sure you have a link to that property on your website (Ex: Get the full details here – link to property page) TIP – Use url shortner like bit.ly or remax url shortner and brand with MLS# or address for visual appearance, branding and tracking abilities!
  • Blog – Do simple blogs with the questions you get all the time… you don’t have to overthink it… blog, then post to social.  Local info like events are also great ways to drive traffic.  My best blog year after year is my County School Calendar… I literally copy and paste the calendar, create a fun graphic for the blog and it is by far the most visited blog post from search results every single year! 
  • Content – Other great content ideas are monthly Market Snapshots (we get this info from our MLS board), Events like 4th of July Events around your area, Favorite Valentine’s Day places… Great Summer Day Getaways…  the local information not only provides value for your area & clients but it also is great for SEO!  A lot of this info you can get from TripAdvisor as well… 

Providing content to your site will help bring Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it also provides content for your social media channels!  

Here are some example posts to get you thinking!

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booj – Get MAXimum Leads with these 3 steps!

Stop missing out on leads with these three steps!

  • Make sure your listings are attached to you! Go to remax.net. Click on your profile at the top and click update profile then click on MLS Affiliation. Make sure your MLS status is LIVE with a green button and it shows your # of listings!
  • Since your here, go back to the Apps (Tiles) and click on Megaphone to make sure your listings are here as well to ensure you are getting your FREE social ads!
  • Go back to your Apps (Tiles), and click on the booj tile, then click on your profile on the top right, click on settings. Then click on Contacts & Leads, now click on offered leads. Here you will enter 10 different zip codes as well as the property types you want leads for (this was just updated) and if you have a minimum price point, enter this here as well!

Here is a quick video for booj CRM and setting yourself up for MAX Leads (note they just updated the zipcode and criteria block)

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Let’s Build Your Basic booj website!

From getting your settings, notifications, lead zip codes and your main profile set up all the way to getting your booj website set up in less than 10 munities! Join Heather Holliday and Tavia Ritter as we go through the basic steps for your booj profile and website!

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Adding Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to your booj website

First step is logging into your booj dashboard – Go to settings under your profile in top right. Use the Settings dropdown to go to system, then choose Third Party Scripts.

Click on each and follow the directions for setting each of these up!

Viola!! Now you can go in and play with ads and start tracking your website!

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What’s NEW for booj for 2021?

We had a great interview with RE/MAX, LLC + booj Team Member Karina Lopez to get the scoop for booj for 2021! Here is the latest scoop!

Tracking Success

First on the list is Facebook Pixel! YES!! Something we have all been waiting for for a long time! If you aren’t sure what Facebook Pixel is, just think of how you go to amazon to look at an item then go onto facebook, you will start to see this item over and over again! If you use facebook Ads, you will want to add in the Facebook Pixel! Look for this announcement and training videos Q1! Right behind this is Google Analytics! They have recently made changes in Google Analytics so they have to work closely with the Google Team to make sure they are up to date with recent changes but this is also scheduled for release for Q1! – Can we get a hell yeah on these two items for our websites?

Working Together

Lots of changes are coming to Teams and Co-Listing agents with new permissions, etc to make your websites and CRM work the way you need them them to for your Team! – All scheduled for Q1!


Probably the most anticipated of all items is the ability to add drip campaigns for several situations! Right now the booj team is working hard by adding a TON of content to our campaigns section. Not only will they have drip templates, you will be able to add your own custom drip campaigns. We have heard from the beta team that is testing these features out that the platform to do these is super simple and clean which is exactly what we need! Also scheduled for Q1!

We believe the RE/MAX, LLC + booj team is working hard to release the above items all prior to R4 2021 which is late March so stay tuned for announcements!

Watch the full interview here:

Live in the RE/MAX Creative Group & RE/MAX Tech N Tools Group

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How to edit blocks on your pages on your booj website

How to easily make changes to blocks within your booj website! Each section of your pages are in “blocks”, you can easily drag and drop these elements to rearrange how your page looks and feels!

View More Tutorials Here!

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How to Create custom searches in booj

Looking to add a custom search on your Home Page or on a custom page? The sky is the limit now that we have the ability to create custom searches on your booj website!

You have multiple ways to set up a search! Maybe you want NEW listings to display, super easy – sort by newest first! Maybe you want to display by Price? No problem! When I build Hyper local pages, I create multiple searches for the same city on one page to display as many listings as possible and giving the consumer what they want to see!

If you add a city, subdivision, zip, etc in the location block you will have the option to “View on Map”, I highly recommend using this as it will take the consumer to a map search with this search!

TIPS: I uncheck the “Pending listings, as well as properties I do NOT want shows (rentals, mobile home, etc). You can also limit the price range so if you do not want properties under a price range, just add a number to the minimum price range!

Let the fun begin!!!!

Here is a quick tutorial for those that are visual learners! 😉

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Your RE/MAX Mobile App

Did you know you have your own Mobile App? Have you downloaded it to see what the consumers see? Are you promoting your branded app?

Check out our class all about your RE/MAX Branded Mobile App – From the consumers side to promoting your app!

Join Tavia Ritter, RE/MAX of Reading, PA and Heather Holliday, Social Marketing Nut @ RE/MAX Elite, FL as they review your RE/MAX Mobile App! From what the consumer sees to marketing your app!!

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