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Create Your Vision Board!

Every year during our Annual Business Planning we start off with our Vision Board exercise… yes, at first it seemed a little juvenile with our scissors, magazines & paste but I can say that it truly made a HUGE difference when it came down to achieving our goals! Something about knowing what our “Why” was and having that visual board in our home or office to see daily truly made the difference which is why it is one of my favorite parts about our Business Planning Events! Of course you don’t have to collect a ton of magazines to search for photos & key words, you can easily create these masterpieces online then print to display (or even save as a photo for your desktop background)!

Here are a few online sources & apps to use while doing your Vision Boards!

Canva! My favorite and my #1 go to for all my creations! They have a free version to use and you can do a search for Mood board photo collage and viola, you will see a ton of templates to use! Since this is something personal to you, go ahead and search google for photos to upload and add to your vision board! Canva itself has a TON of free photos to use as well as inspirational words to keep you motivated all year long! (Use photos or Elements for these). Canva has a mobile app as well!

Of course if you have Microsoft or Google Docs, Word, Powerpoint or Google Docs or Slides will give you a blank canvas to make your own creation as well!

Vision Board Ideas:

There is NO right or wrong way to create your vision board! This is for you, to inspire you daily throughout the year! Here are some examples to see what others have done in our past Business Planning Sessions to get your started!

Looking to join in the fun? Join our Elevate 2022 Business Planning Event! Learn More Here!

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You have a website… now what?

So many agents have a website and then tell me they don’t ever get any leads from it so they don’t feel it is worth having let alone updating or marketing it. But the truth is, as will all marketing, you will get out of your website what you put into it. If you think that just because you have a website you will pop up on that first page on a search, think again! You are competing against every top real estate search sites (Zillow, realtor.com, etc) so you need to provide content that they don’t have! I like to think of my website as a HUB for my business and as an agent, it should also contain information for your local area! You aren’t just selling a home, you are selling a way of life!

You live, work & play in your area – show it off!

Here are 5 tips to help drive traffic to your website!

  • Marketing your website – Make sure your website is displayed on every marketing item you have (real estate sign, business cards, flyers, etc). ALWAYS use your own domain that goes with your branding as well as your marketing.
  • Run a simple PPC campaign – This always helps with a newer website.  (Make sure to add Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels code on your website)
  • Driving traffic via Social – Every listing or sale you have, do a social post! Make sure you have a link to that property on your website (Ex: Get the full details here – link to property page) TIP – Use url shortner like bit.ly or remax url shortner and brand with MLS# or address for visual appearance, branding and tracking abilities!
  • Blog – Do simple blogs with the questions you get all the time… you don’t have to overthink it… blog, then post to social.  Local info like events are also great ways to drive traffic.  My best blog year after year is my County School Calendar… I literally copy and paste the calendar, create a fun graphic for the blog and it is by far the most visited blog post from search results every single year! 
  • Content – Other great content ideas are monthly Market Snapshots (we get this info from our MLS board), Events like 4th of July Events around your area, Favorite Valentine’s Day places… Great Summer Day Getaways…  the local information not only provides value for your area & clients but it also is great for SEO!  A lot of this info you can get from TripAdvisor as well… 

Providing content to your site will help bring Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it also provides content for your social media channels!  

Here are some example posts to get you thinking!

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Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents!

February was our month of Video classes with top agents around the globe!

Are you trying to move into the Video space for your real estate career?

We did a great interview with the amazing Brad McCallum, RE/MAX about how he got into the video space to set himself apart and does these out of the box lifestyle type videos to promote his listings but also allows potential consumers to really get to know, like and trust him before they even meet!

Check out our interview with the amazing Brad McCallum during our live show!

In this video we break down video into reels, IG live and of course Tik Tok, apps they use and so much more! Who better to break it down than our Special Guest Speakers Michele Bee Bellisari & Sue “Pinky” Benson!

Special guest Chris Thiel with RE/MAX of Stuart in Florida as he goes over “Grabbing them by the eyeballs with video” and chatting about his new community video series! (And his infamous Lockbox videos) 😉

Finishing off our month of videos is the one and only Melanie Galea who goes over how 1 Live video can create 20 pieces of content!

We hope you enjoyed the month of video classes! Don’t forget “Progress, not perfection” and just go for it!

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QR code marketing

Are you using QR codes in your marketing? We sure hope so! QR codes were hot a few years ago and then fizzled after a couple varieties came out, we had to download an app to read them and eventually they weren’t so hot anymore but a couple years ago they slowly started coming back now that our camera became the QR reader and then Covid hit and restaurants started using this as a way to get the hands free menu option. The restaurants are even teaching consumers how to use the QR code making it easier than ever to use QR codes in your marketing!

Here is a list of QR codes you can be using in your marketing!

  • Create a sign rider with a QR code to your mobile app or to a linktree account which will have multiple links to the properties you have available. Making it super easy for someone to view full property information, 3D Tours and more!
  • Create a VR card and have a QR code on your Business Card making it easy for your contact information to be added to someone’s phone.
  • For your postcards, mailings & print advertising, create a QR code for an Instant Home Valuation on your website.

Watch our Live Training video as Ana Duarte and I go through different marketing and Ana shows how she uses a QR code that goes to a Google Form and she creates a map of agents she has met for easy referral database!

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Get reviews on your Facebook Business Page

Looking for more ways to collect reviews? With Facebook being the world’s largest social platform, why not collect reviews on your Business Page?

Here’s how to start!

  1. Make sure your reviews are set up on your business page. Go to your page settings, then click on Templates & Tabs, make sure your reviews is enabled. You can also drag these “Tabs” into positions, we would recommend moving the Reviews Tab closer to the top if you will be using this feature!

2. Grab your “Reviews” Link! It will be fb.com/pagename/reviews but you can click on the Reviews tab and look at the url to view this as well.

3. Save that URL and add to the email that you send out when searching for Reviews! Here is an example, click here.

Happy Reviewing!! Feel free to review us on Facebook! Click Here

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Get More Reviews!

Looking for REVIEWS for more than one platform?  Most platforms require someone to register and do a review on their own platform. (At least the giant sites where the reviews matter the most). The problem with putting all your eggs into one basket is what would happen if that site went down, or removed your reviews?

With Zillow being it’s own brokerage and not relying on us to feed their website, what would happen if they decided to remove the reviews you have spent years building? Some top Coaches think this WILL be happening! Check out Tom Ferry’s recent live about this on Instagram!

Reviews on all platforms are equally important so here is a tip!  Offer a $10 starbucks card (can get online one that they show at checkout from their phone or print) for them to use or giveaway for their time in doing the reviews.

Example email:

“[Name], thank you so much for choosing me as your real estate agent! I enjoyed working with you and hope you are beyond happy with the transaction. I’d like to ask you a favor:

Will you take a few minutes and write a review of your experience with me? If you remember when we first started this process, I promised I would earn your five-star review. I hope I’ve fulfilled that, but most importantly, I want your open and honest feedback so that other consumers who read your review will know what it’s like to work with me.  I am including a couple links below for reviews, and for your time, I will send you a gift card for a free cup of coffee on me from Starbucks!  Feel free to use for yourself or forward the email you receive from Starbucks along to someone!

If you have focused on reviews on Zillow only, maybe now is a perfect time to reach out to all of your past clients and let them know Zillow has changed their business model and all of your reviews will be going away… with our industry being review based (like most industries).. It would mean the world to me if you could take the time to share your experience with me on one (or all) of these platforms….

Thank you…..  (enter something personal from the relationship)

(Hyper link these to the review page for these platforms)

Review me on Google Set up Google Business Page, set up reviews

(TIP: When setting up your Business – Do NOT claim another company as where you work)! If you see your office, google with ask you if this is where you work, click NO, you need to start your own Business separate from another business).

Review me on Facebook (Set up for reviews on Facebook)

Review me on Zillow

Review on LinkedIn

Review me on Realtor.com

If you use gmail, you can set up this email with the links as a canned email so it is easy to send off to your client when you need to! Make sure you add in that personal touch or a nice memory from the experience to ad that personal touch! (Steps to create canned response in gmail)

Do matter what, always copy & paste these reviews somewhere that is in YOUR control so you don’t lose your reviews.

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Check out the Social Media Portal on RU!

Hey all! Last month RE/MAX announced the all new RE/MAX University Social Media Training Portal! This all new portal has everything from content calendar, tips for all social platforms (including graphic sizes), some amazing quick videos and webinars from the amazing Katie Lance and a Social Media Best Practices Guide!

To get to the Social Media Portal – Log into your MAXcntr, click on the RE/MAX University Tile and on the left side you will see the Social Media Portal!

Visit here ▶️ https://rem.ax/RUSocialTraining

Here is a quick glance for the Year but check out the monthly calendar which will have something for every day!

We were able to grab Kayla Roofe, Social Media Manager from RE/MAX LLC to go over some of these great new features! Check it out!

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RECHARGE 2021 – Business Planning Event is going LIVE! All are welcome to join in the fun!

2020 was a unique year for sure! For this reason we have decided to take our Annual Business Planning that typically was a full day and break it up into 4 shorter segments during our Monday Morning Wake – Up Call LIVE show!

Register today to join out Private FB Group, get video replays and announcements during our class!

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How to choose website domain?

You have a real estate website, now what?

First step is buying your OWN domain. At least one but you can have a lot of fun when you purchase multiple domains!

Why buy a domain? Simple – You should ALWAYS purchase your own domain so you always have full control over your websites, your real estate marketing, your branding and everything that comes along with this.

How to choose a domain? This is probably the hardest part… deciding what domain to purchase and use. Here are some of my thoughts on this.

  1. Always buy your firstlastname.com (even if you don’t use it, many times people will do search for your name first so buy this, maybe even buy a couple versions if you can, especially if you have a commonly misspelled last name (like me – Holliday – my name isn’t available but I would buy HeatherHolliday and HeatherHoliday.com).
  2. Keep it short and memorable. Your domain should be short and easy for someone to remember. You will be putting these on all of your marketing including your business cards so the shorter it is, the larger print you can use on a small business card.
  3. Stay away from Tradmarked names. If you are going to use a trademarked name, be sure you look up and follow the rules associated with doing this (realtor, remax, other franchise name). There is nothing worse than advertising a domain and having it on all your social, signs, advertising only to get a cease and desist letter and having to rebrand yourself! If you do buy those domains, that is fine – just don’t use it as your main advertising.
  4. Buy multiple domains. If you are looking to have landing pages on your website for farming neighborhoods, cities, etc. Get multiple domains that are cohesive with your marketing and branding so when you are farming that area you can use that domain on the print marketing.
  5. Do I buy .com, .net, .org, .realestate? I would advise to always buy .com’s since that is what people automatically think of for websites. .orgs are for non-profits.
  6. Think of your Branding. Your social accounts, your user names, the #hashtags you can use in your posts. Ideally you would want all of your business social to match your domain name so here are some ideas to get your brain going on deciding what domain will work for you.
  • HeatherMOVES321 (areacode – but easily purchase multiple domains for your farming areas)
  • HeatherSELLS321
  • HeatherSOLDit.com
  • 321Homes.com
  • DiscoverHomesinBrevard (County / city / neighborhood)

Once you have your domain, you can set up DNS records for most websites. The other domains if you chose multiple domains, can easily be forwarded to those pages on your website! Click here for tips on setting up your booj domain.

This is your business so at minimum you should always have at least one domain that you have full control over. Do not have a website company or your office purchase this for you. You purchase it so you have control of it. You are worth the $15/yr to control your business and marketing! I personally use godaddy.com, they are super simple to use and have always had great customer support.

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