14 Sep 2020

3 Hacks to finish out Qtr 4 Strong!


Do you want more leads this fall? I hope you’re raising your hand high. As we approach the fourth quarter of this insane year, we all want to finish strong. I wanted to pass on a few simple hacks that I found from real estate coach Tom Ferry to help you get more listings this fall.

You probably have hundreds of contacts on your phone. Go through all of them and send a text asking if they’d thought about selling this fall. Explain in your text the state of the market. There’s a shortage of homes, and their home will sell!

If you’re not using Instagram Stories yet, now’s the time to start. Post a video talking about the buyer demand for homes in your market. Then create followup poll questions within stories like, “Are you living in your dream home?”, and “Have you thought about selling this year?” These are great conversation starters, and  Instagram Stories allow you to capture names.

As you know, home prices have gone up quite a bit in the last few years. This means the people that you helped just a few years ago could benefit from selling their home. Reach out and ask if they’ve thought about moving.

It’s a great time for real estate. You can make a final push to end this unbelievable year on a high note. If you need help connecting with your network or talking about other strategies, We’re here to help.

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