27 Aug 2020

5 Reasons you may be missing out on business


5 Reasons you may be missing out on business

What is holding you back?
Are there areas of the business that you won’t do?

Here are 5 ways to increase business immediately.
1. Call Expired Listings: They have already indicated they want to sell. They ended up without the right agent.

2. Visit For Sale by Owners: They are sick of calls, but if you offer advice face-to-face you can build value.

3. Hold an Open House: Don’t just open the house, introduce yourself to the neighborhood!

4. Leverage Listings: Send just listed notices to everyone who might have interest.

5. Announce Sales: Share sold news with everyone that might have interest.

Real estate is a task business and demands that you prospect, generate, convert, service and promote your success. 
Executed with consistency, these tips will mean you won’t miss out on much business.

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