1 Jul 2020

July 2020 Calendar


Mondays 8am – Monday Morning Wake Up Call w/ Kerry & Heather

July 8th – 14th – Agent Success Summit 2020 (WEBINAR)

Wed, July 22nd – 12pm – Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, What you need to know (Training Center)

August 20th – Agent Round table & Mastermind

Tuesday, July 14th – Taking Your Business Virtual with RE/MAX Tech
Managing your business in a virtual environment has never been more important, and RE/MAX Tech makes it easier than ever before. Come learn some virtual business best practices including zoom, virtual showings, and video messaging.

Tuesday, July 21st – A Guide to RE/MAX Education
Here at RE/MAX we know that education is power, RU taking advantage of the powerful RE/MAX University learning platform? There’s no shortage of information on RE/MAX University, learn how to make the most out of this powerful platform, as well as other available support and resources.

Tuesday, July 28th – The First Power User Experience
Are you ready to level up your experience using the First app? This session will translate the knowledge of First power users into best practices to help you win more deals. Hear first-hand accounts of user success stories and build your First strategy today!

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