10 Jul 2020

How to Win More Listings?


Inventory is low, historically low. Some sellers are unsure if now is a good time to sell and are asking questions like should they wait until the pandemic is over? Is it safe to have people in their home? There are a lot of variables right now for Sellers & Buyers to think about.

Let’s review some ideas to increase your chances of closing at the Listing appointment.

  • Do you have a pre-listing package
  • Are you Early for your appointment?
  • Are you mentally prepared for your appointment?
  • Have you done your research on the area? Home details? Sellers?

Asking questions like why they need to sell. What is their motivation for selling? Are they buying another property? Are they moving locally?Knowing their reason for selling will allow you to know the time frame and expectations and pre-qualify them as Sellers.

Knowing the facts of the property and neighborhood will help gain the trust and knowledge from the Sellers.

  • Knowing DOM for the neighborhood
  • Average Price for neighborhood
  • Any expired or withdrawn listings
  • Current listings in neighborhood

Having a pre-listing sent to the Sellers ahead of your appointment will help everyone with being able to not be surprised on any details. Explain the selling process and what that would look like.

Your Listing Presentation

At RE/MAX Elite we have a generic Listing Presentation for our agents to use. These presentations are very generic and basic with all the “fluff” and gives you a great starter but you should take this and customize this to you.

  • Why should anyone choose you as their agent?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you do differently than other agents? Do you use professional photography? Videos?

Make sure you are customizing your Listing presentation to have your testimonials, past sales, and why someone should use you as their agent.

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