15 Jun 2020

Real Geek Property Landing Page


Post your listings to social and get leads directly in your inbox!

If you are running Ads – We recommend using the property landing page which requires forced registration to view the property on a gorgeous landing page.

For agents to use to get their own leads from brevardelite.com

To get your Agent Code – Go to your Real Geek Lead Dashboard Profile page and on the top URL there will be your unique Agent ID. If you are unsure – Get with Heather or Dawnell for this number!

Use your unique Agent ID & MLS #’s for the landing pages below

Agent Landing Page: This is a page you can use as your website! Purchase your own domain, forward over to www.brevardelite.com/firstlastname This page is also customizeable! Get with Heather to customize your header, sidebar, body and Featured Search! By directing people to this landing page any leads will go directly to you!

Property Landing Page on website: www.brevardelite.com/property/MLSNUMBER/?view&agent_id=123

Listing on website: www.brevardelite.com/property/MLSNUMBER/?agent_id=123

CMA Page for Agent: http://brevardelite.realgeeks.com/cma/property-valuation/?view&agent_id=123


Property Landing Page. TIP: Go into Chrome incognito to set and test these.


Notice I added an MLS Number and an Agent ID and this is the Landing Page = Forced Registration Landing page (MAX Leads to you)

If I do not want Forced Registration = Max Views for listings… if this property isn’t for them they can browse thru our website and after looking at two properties, a forced registration will pop up – Lead goes directly to you.

Property Page – No forced registration we will use the same link but remove the “view” in the URL.

Seller Landing Page

Here is what the URL and page will look like for Seller Landing pages. You will receive a partial Seller Lead when someone enters there address in here and a full seller lead if they continue past this page and enter their full information!

If you have any questions about setting these links up – Get with Heather! We recommend saving these links in your notes on your phone which makes it super easy for sharing on the go, just change the MLS#!!

Here is a quick video tutorial!

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