24 Apr 2020

5 things to do now


As we move into an extremely busy and competitive market, you’ve got a lot to balance. There are current clients and prospecting, not to mention your personal life. There’s a lot that can distract us from the task at hand. So, how do you stay focused each day? I wanted to share a few daily habits you can incorporate into your routine to stay focused and be more productive. 

Take Your “MEDS”  

Meditate, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep so that you stay healthy. Tom says to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself so that you can take care of your loved ones and your business.


Over-communicate with everyone in your database! Send simple messages to check in to see how past and present clients are doing. Plus, if you have leads, you can still educate and provide value virtually despite being limited in showings. Over-communicating will have you ahead of the curve when things turn. 

How’s The Market? Response Script

Tom has a script that you check out in the video link below. Whether you use his script or another, he stresses that, “It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being done.” Answer the questions and don’t let your emotional state impact how you’re communicating. 

Sharpen Your Axe

Look at this time as an opportunity to evaluate your business and sharpen your skills. You want to make sure that your digital, negotiating, and marketing skills are up to speed. 

Create a 30-Day Marketing Plan

As we all know, the marketing plan we had for this year is, for the most part, gone. Create a “pivot” plan for the next 30 days. Create a specific communication strategy that reflects our current situation and send specific messages to the various groups in your database.

If you want to hear it from Tom Ferry himself, watch the whole show here. If you have any questions or concerns or if you just want to talk, I’m here to help. Please let me know if there’s anything that I can do for you or your family. Feel free to call, send us a text, or send us a DM / PM to set up a time to chat.

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