26 Mar 2020

“A New Mindset, A New Routine”


I hope you all were able to tune into Jared Jame’s session, “A New Mindset, A New Routine.” He delivered an enormous amount of positive energy towards focusing on seven easy things to help you and your agents change their current mindset.

  1. Shift your mindset from a salesperson to a service first mentality
    • Reset and revive your database
      • Check in with your clients and agents to make sure they are okay 
      • This is something super easy to do and appreciated
  2. Be a visible leader in the market place
    • Create open groups on Facebook for your community to join
      • Small business hours and website links
      • Links to companies that are currently hiring
        • This will help you reach the community and have them recognize when they need help with selling/buying a home to call you and your agents
  3. Prepare for the surge
    • What are you doing right now to make your brand/business bigger and better than before
    • Be the office/agent that’s ready to take on the masses when they’re ready to buy/or sell their home
  4. Create content
    • Start creating drip campaign videos so that you have a library of content to send out to your clients
    • Be the break from the news that people need
    • Flood your social media pages with videos of things people want to know more about
      • Interest rates
      • What’s the market like today?
      • What should buyer and sellers be doing right now?
      • What’s my home value?
  5. Use this opportunity to become physically fit
    • Take care of you
    • Do activities that give you stress relief (we all need this!)
  6. Think different
    • Make your voice stand out above the rest 
    • Try not to do what everyone else is doing right now… think outside the box
    • Look for unique opportunities for your clients and agents
  7. Remember who you are and how you got to where you are today
    • You are amazing and you can do this!
    • You do a TON….not only for yourself and your business but for your family, friends, and clients

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