3 Jan 2020

Tips for R4


General Opening Session – The energy is incredible and my favorite part is the walk with all of the flags of countries being represented… very powerful.  

Morning Super Sessions – The speakers are truly incredible. I get so much out of these sessions, they are a Do Not Miss for sure!

Scavenger Hunt – You will meet others playing and it is a fun way to check everything out.

Private Concert – Always a great time and you can get up and close or sit back and relax!!

Welcome Reception – A great way to start the week and reconnect with your year R4 friends or taking the online connections offline!

CMNH Ice Cream Social & Auction – Need we say more. If you are a Miracle Office or Agent, you won’t want to miss this and if you are considering being one, you must put this event on your To Do List!

Region Party – Private parties for your Region or area are always fun… typically have a theme, get dressed up and have a blast with your locals while in Vegas!

Global Referral Exchange in the marketplace – You will have almost all the countries in this area, grab some cards and make connections, especially if you ever deal with anyone out of the country.

Pre Conference Events – If you are a Broker or Manager – the 501 is a MUST attend! I get more nuggets in this event to bring back to my office than the whole week! Masterminding with Brokers from around the world will help bring ideas to incorporate for your office. I also love the Video Summit that Michael Thorne & Jesse Peters put on every year. If you are doing video or thinking about it, you won’t want to miss this Ted Talk Style summit with RE/MAX peeps around the world who are doing video!

Awards – Don’t forget to join in on the fun for the 100% Awards Luncheon and the Big Awards Dinner! If you are getting an award, take the walk on stage at least once! It is pretty remarkable having everyone share in their success!

What to bring?

Business Cards of course! I don’t hand out nearly as many cards as I use to but I do make cards specially for events like this! Tip: Think outside the box! Maybe put a graphic of your state with a star on where you are located, list major cities… make sure your address is listed and also make sure the back of the card has a place for someone to write notes! I love seeing the creativity of business cards and swag that Agents bring to R4!

Lip Balm – and lotion! Especially if you are from an area with lots of humidity! I can say coming from Florida every year, my hair – LOVES Vegas… but my lips and skin, not so much! Make sure to drink lots of fluids throughout the day as well! Hydrate, hydrate!

Comfortable Shoes! My first year I didn’t pack tennis shoes, only my comfortable heels (or at least I thought they were comfortable). You will do about 20k steps daily so bring comfy shoes so you can last all day and night!

Join M Life – This is a reward program for a lot of Hotels, including MGM and you can get perks for becoming a member ad using it for meals and gambling while in Vegas.

First time in Vegas?

If you have never been to Vegas.. make sure to take a nice walk down to Bellagio to watch the Fountains.. oh they are so beautiful! And going downtown is always a unique experience. We try to have one night doing the Freemont Experience…

Hover Dam is quite spectacular and Red Rock Canyon is beautiful!! Last year it snowed the day before we arrived and it was truly amazing seeing the Red Rock with snow on half of it still! Coming from FL, we had fun in the snow as well!

Be prepared for a week of fun and a ton of learning! Drink a lot of water and step out of your comfort zone to meet new people. If you have a large group from you office, don’t always feel you have to sit with them at lunch… some of the most incredible relations I have found were sitting with strangers during breaks! If I had been with my same people, I would have never had those opportunities! Learning all day and networking all night, it is by far my favorite week each year! For me it is like Spring Break as an adult with all of my friends from around the world that I only see once a year!

What happens in Vegas, goes on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter… you get my point! Have fun and use #remaxR4 in your social posts! 😉

See you there!!!

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